"I started making this butta in 2010. In clinical, I had to do an EKG on a patient, we could not get her leads to stick due to her moisturizer. We asked her what she used and she gave us a recipe that included creamy baby oil, vaseline, baby lotion and told us to make it. I did just that, I shared with my Grandmother and she came up with the idea of blending it for a whipped texture. That recipe sparked my interest so I started researching natural and skin beneficial ingredients. I began making and sampling them on my niece because she had eczema and was allergic to baby lotion, it worked! Then my co-worker had eczema on her face and body which was inflamed at the time. I wrote down a recipe for her to mix up and use, the next time I seen her she looked like a totally different person and she was so thankful for my help. I thought, "IM ON TO SOMETHING" but I need to do more research. I sold the butta I created to my co-workers or gift it during Nurses and CNA week. I would tell them not to share where it came from. Still researching and making my own butta for my household with 10 secret customers, in 2017 I gave a jar to my hairstylists and HERE WE ARE! I'm still learning, working, and I have more then 10 customers. I am thankful for my supporters on this journey, but I'm most proud that I get to NURSE/HELP ON MY TERMS AND MY WAY."

"I decided to create a closet and sell gently used clothing for us because we had to make room for "That Baby". I have been calling my closet "Shay's Closet" and giving/selling items to my friends and family for years so it just made sense to put it on my website. I have poshmark and Mercari accounts but their fees are a little steep. I hope you find something that you/family member enjoys."