Our products work to nourish and restore dry skin, eczema, psorisis, sunburn, cracked heels and more. You will not be disappointed!

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Welcome to the "BUTTA LUVAS" club where you get to experience long lasting, moisturizing bawdy butta. Kind Butta is homemade by our CEO with quality ingredients you can pronounce. It's safe for all humans. You will always come back for more!!!

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    "OMGoodness I have tried some butter from some of everywhere. I mean ATL, Memphis, Nap, hell even Ohio but babyyy this is the best butta I ever had and you have a customer for life. The lip bomb is eveything, it's long lasting and it really keeps my lips moisturized even with the mask. You might be on to something with these products girl." -T.P.

  • "My podiatrist was raving about the appearance of my feet, he said they look amazing and wanted to know what i was using and i told him "ITS THAT BUTTA." He said, whatever it is I need to tell my other patients about it because your feet look amazing. Shay you are gonna be rich with this butta." -D.O.


  • Healing skin, naturally!